Friday, 24 August 2018

The rise of self-branding. UoB graduate Beth Heddle reflects on her journey as a social media influencer

Meet Beth Heddle – a recent University of Birmingham graduate with a passion for promoting healthy living and healthy eating. In January 2017 she become a freelance health and fitness blogger whilst studying for her Biomedical Science degree and launched the website with the same name

Previously, Beth focused on her running adventures but she moved forward developing her personal brand to include creating recipes, travel, fitness and general wellbeing. Today, Beth works for some of the leading health and wellbeing companies in the UK and uses different platforms such as Instagram and YouTube to showcase her experiences.

Alongside blogging, creating recipes for sites, working on influencer projects with global companies and taking part in campaigns, my vision is to create a platform in which women of today can feel enlightened and courageous whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I chose to do this because I have a passion for health and fitness and became a part of this community through Instagram and further created my own website to inspire others to lead a happy healthy lifestyle.

With a blogging trip to Thailand over the summer I used my new vlogging equipment and was able to reach a greater audience using different channel. It’s all very well creating content fast on a very regular basis but providing it of a higher quality and slightly less frequently really captures the audience better when it comes to media. In order to reach as many people as possible it is key to be present on lots of platforms which is why it was important for me to expand into the new platform. 

The money from the Ideas Fund enabled me to purchase the technology required to go ahead with the projects that I spent months planning. I am so grateful for the University of Birmingham for allowing me to go ahead with it all. I feel as though the next move is to start to work with larger brands. Although I have worked with Nike and Holland and Barrett amongst others, working frequently for brands such as Philadelphia or Kelloggs would be the next move.

Since graduating, Beth has secured a graduate position working as a Social Media and Content Executive for digital marketing company Sonder whilst growing her freelance project and website. Find out more about Beth Heddle via her website:

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Content and photographs supplied by Beth Heddle
Edited by Bob Lee

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