Thursday, 22 July 2021

Designing a new table-top card game - Meet Sam Walkden from Deep Etch Games

Philosophy student Sam Walkden has created a table top gaming start-up called Deep Etch Games. He is currently working on a new fantasy deck-building card game and working with freelancers to develop the unique artwork needed to complete the games design.

Sam: I have always had a keen interest in the art of game design and often think up tons of ideas of my own for different games that I would like to make. At the beginning of lockdown in 2020, I had plenty of time on my hands and decided to make a first prototype for one of these game ideas. I enjoy playing a multitude of games from various genres and combined my knowledge of what I love about these games, mixed in with my own unique ideas, to create this first prototype for a new deck-building card game. 

Wednesday, 21 July 2021

How I developed my own photography business - Rais Hussain (Law)

University of Birmingham Law student Rais Hussain, runs a photography and videography business and offers his services for all types of events and occasions.

Rais: A few years ago, I purchased my first camera; it wasn't the best or most up-to-date piece of equipment, but it did the job and allowed me to capture many moments. It all started with me carrying my camera about with me and my friends, shooting whatever images we liked. 

When I first started university, I was fortunate enough to receive student funding, which allowed me to upgrade my setup, which many people around me thought was a ridiculous investment, but I was determined to make something of it.

Tuesday, 20 July 2021

The anime inspired start-up - Wing Hang Leung (Weeb Express)

After graduating in 2020 with a degree in Materials, Science and Technology, Wing Hang Leung has created an online shop. Weeb Express celebrates the world of anime with products ranging from key chains, posters, figurines and plush toys. Most of them are imported from suppliers in Asia and sold in the UK.

Wing: I have always been a big anime fan since I was little. I joined Anime and Manga Society at UoB and met many anime fans with similar interests. Throughout the 3 years at uni, 

I could tell that the anime community is growing in the UK from the increasing number of our society members every year. Anime fans love to collect merchandise of their favourite character or series and there's certainly a high demand for that. 

Monday, 19 July 2021

Creating a language school start-up - Daria Nowak (MA Education TEFL)

Daria Nawak completed a Masters in Education (Teaching English in a Foreign Language) in 2020 and has recently set up a language school called Becomelia.

Daria: We provide private ESL (English as a second language) lessons - currently online and soon on-site too. It's an alternative for EU migrants living in the UK who do not want to learn ESOL (English as a Second Language) at college with a native speaker, for various reasons. We then offer free of charge career support and help our students to get on level 2 and level 3 courses. We currently have Polish tutors working with Polish students and we want to expand to work with Romanian, Bulgarian and other communities. We would also like to get the British Council or Cambridge English accreditation in the near future.

Thursday, 24 June 2021

Jake Scott (PhD POLSIS) talks about life as managing director of political publication 'The Mallard'

Jake Scott (PhD Political Science and International Studies) is the managing director of publishing business called the Mallard which features political commentary both on-line and in print. 

'The Mallard' in its own words is 'for people of all persuasions, who are unimpressed with current political parties' with ideas that do not necessarily fit with established political characterisation.

Friday, 18 June 2021

Something borrowed something new - 'The Borrow Shop' secures £8,000 in crowdfunding to go live!

Masters student Sophie Watson (MSc Urban Regional Planning) has created a venture called The Borrow Shop which aims to encourage borrowing, discourage wasteful spending on one off purchases and create a community culture of sharing. The Borrow Shop can be accessed online and will also shortly be open in a new shop location in Birmingham.

Sophie: Imagine a world where you had access to a range of high quality items, but you didn't have to buy outright, store, and fix or upgrade them... that is what The Borrow Shop is. Think steam cleaners, power tools, fold-up chairs and extra crockery for those post-covid dinner parties, sturdy crates for moving home... the possibilities are endless.

In addition to a library of things, The Borrow Shop will also be a place to grab a coffee and we'll sell a small selection of curated sustainable homeware items you wouldn't borrow (think candles and prints)! This enables us to support and showcase local makers. We have a strong emphasis on community and hope it to be a great space for people to meet as well as borrow.

How an act of kindness inspired this new start-up - Tamzin Meyer (BA English and History)

Tamzin Meyer is in her final year of an English and History degree and she has recently
started a business called Kindness Capsule which has been inspired by a single act of kindness unexpectedly.

Tamzin: My business sells wellbeing gift packages filled with treats like teddy bears, sweets, and candles. Each box comes with a personalized scroll, with the box being something that can be gifted to loved ones or bought as a treat for one's self. We do a variety of different, themed packages with the main aim being to spread kindness and brighten up someone's day.

I was inspired by my own mental health struggles with anxiety and depression; you can feel really alone and worthless when you have to deal with your own mind on a daily basis. 

My friend surprised me with an unexpected gift when I was feeling at my lowest which made my day brighter and made me realise that there were people who were there for me. It was this that inspired me to transform this act of kindness into a business. I wanted to make as many people smile as possible when they receive an unexpected gift through the mail.