Friday, 30 September 2016

A big 'hello' from the Student PR Team!

A big ‘hello’ from the Student PR Team. We hope you’ve all settled back in OK! Just to jog your memory (or if you’re new to the University), we’re here to find and promote your enterprising stories. Our first blog of the year is about how we, the PR Team, were enterprising this summer.

Amelia’s summer (CoSS):
Amelia working at the Wimbledon Championships
‘I saw this summer as one of my last opportunities to fill out my CV with new skills before I apply to graduate jobs in my final year. I was determined to make sure I made myself as well rounded as possible, whilst still enjoying my summer! I wanted to do something career focused, so I interviewed for a placement at a PR firm in Solihull, which was very rewarding, and thankfully I learnt a lot that will help me with future job applications. Alongside continuing my pet portrait business, I worked at the Royal Shakespeare Congress as an Event Ambassador to gain insight into the organisation of events and demonstrate my communication skills, as well as working at Wimbledon during the Championships.’
Rachel’s summer (MDS): 
‘My Summer was spent working at the Wellcome Trust, a large, non-government funder of Biomedical Science. My internship allowed me to work interdisciplinary across the organisation, learning how different areas worked, and giving me a sense of what I may be able to do when applying my degree to future job prospects. I was often allowed to take my own angle on projects, using my initiative to report on what I thought would be most interesting for the team I was working in. Doing this allowed me to develop my research skills and gave me insight into how such a large organisation works.'

LP’s summer (LES): 
‘My summer has been a time of realization. I've tried to figure out my interests and talents. I've taken an online course called 'English for Journalism' and passed it with distinction. I've also started writing for an app called eclinic 24/7, which allows you to contact doctors, get diagnosed and get prescriptions as well - all online! I write regularly on the health blog about things I don't know much about. So I have to do lots of research and be able to communicate facts properly. I've learnt loads about the work ethics of established companies and how every little thing has to be done professionally.’

Pavinder’s summer (EPS): 
Pavinder had a pretty nice office view!
‘This summer I worked as an Internal Communication Project Officer for the Birmingham International Academy (BIA) as part of the Birmingham University Internship Programme (BUIP). This internship, being 9-5 for 10 weeks, gave me a real taste of a professional job and helped to prepare me for a graduate scheme. Using my initiative, I worked independently to promote certain BIA provisions. This involved, for example, creating a communications plan and liaising with Creative Media to create new logos and e-cards. This fantastic opportunity gave me an insight into how the University operates from the ‘other side’ and the responsibility I was given to carry out the project greatly contributed to my self-confidence as I was recognised as trustworthy.’

Gideon’s summer (Arts and Law): 
'My summer was spent honing my language skills in both France and Spain. During the final weeks of the vacation I was lucky enough to get my old job back as a Barista and it was lucky I had practised my languages as I served 2 different customers in Spanish!'

Have you been thinking ‘outside the box’ this summer? If so, we want to hear your stories!

Pavinder Bhangu
-PR Team

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