Monday, 21 March 2016

Enterprising Elizabeth: Brand Ambassador for GSK

Elizabeth working hard as Student Ambassador
for GSK on campus
We interviewed second year student Elizabeth Renon, who studies Business Management with a year in industry at the University, to find out more about her work as Student Ambassador for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), a pharmaceuticals company.

As a Student Ambassador for the company, Elizabeth distributes flyers and does lecture shoutouts to advertise the internships, grad schemes and placements available with GSK. She also described how it's been really important for her to build up a good relationship with internship officers, and assisting in careers fairs at the University. As we are living in a digital age, she has also become more active on social media to help her with being an ambassador and to achieve her targets.
"I've learnt a lot more about how to be creative with advertising"

Elizabeth initially wanted to get a placement year with GSK, and she thought it would be really beneficial for her to experience the work at the company, because with h
er job she gets to know many existing graduates who are working on the grad schemes that GSK offer. She also speaks directly to managers regularly, who can give her tips for getting on the grad scheme in person as opposed to trying to find out online.

"My connections with societies help me a lot with my job; I am part of the Women in Finance Society, the Business Society and I am very active in the Consulting Society" 

Elizabeth also described herself as having good interpersonal skills, and is good at building relationships with important people. She feels like this is why she got the job, as well as due to her many good connections with University societies, allowing her to spread the word about GSK.

"From my experience, being enterprising is utilising your own skills, and not only applying your skills to benefit others, but getting something positive back too" 

Now that she has been able to widen her network and learn new skills, she has improved her employability for when she graduates!

For more information about applying to GSK, follow these links:


Amelia Lowe
Student PR Team UoB

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