About us

The contributors to this enterprise blog include:
  • Students from the University of Birmingham
  • Careers Network staff
  • Alumni
  • Graduate recruiters and individuals from organisations
  • Student PR team (Jan 2016 - June 2017)
Enterprise is about ‘making ideas happen’. It requires skill, effort and courage. Skills include: ideas generation, problem-solving, creativity, strategy, initiative, perseverance, relationship building and communication. We hope this blog will inspire you to be enterprising too: in your studies, at work and in your daily life!

Find your passion to make a real difference - benefitting others too.  
The stories put forward provide examples of enterprising activity organised through: student societies, departmental student societies, the extra-curriculum and the curriculum. Read about projects that have been developed to make a positive change to individuals’ lives; tips for starting your own business; guidance on what employers are seeking when recruiting.

Join in and enjoy the fun.     

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