Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Why don't you give it a go? UoB Societies Fair

I went along to this term's Societies Fair held in the Great Hall on Tuesday, to check out all the enterprising activities our University's wonderful societies are involved in.

After chatting to both societies and students at the busy fair, it definitely seemed like tonnes of students were willing to give new and exciting things a try outside the curriculum, as well as stepping out of their comfort zones...

There were lots of innovative and engaging societies, for example UoB's Brum Dine With Me society. Based on daytime TV's famous 'Come Dine With Me', two dinners per term are organised where 5 people go off in different groups and compete using their cooking skills!

Also Pole Fitness society told me about how they are hoping to create a good image for girls and focus on fitness, challenging the stigma that comes with pole fitness. They are organising a charity showcase this term where all ticket proceeds go to charity.

Many charities have been organised by students who want to make an impact in other communities. For example, I spoke to, a new society helping to tackle child inequality in Africa. The society is raising money at the University, having organised a Bucket Shake, and they are holding a music night later this month to fundraise for this great cause.

Students are also trying to get out of their comfort zone this term by joining societies such as Guild Musical Theatre, Gospel Choir and 3BUGS, all involving huge stage performances, some of which are impressively held at the Edinburgh Fringe!

It's safe to say that many of our students are trying out fantastic new things this term, hoping to expand their University experience and their employability too by gaining loads of great new skills.

So why don't you join them and give it a go?

Amelia Lowe
UoB Student PR Team

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