Friday, 12 May 2017

Be enterprising this exam season!

Exam season is a challenging time of year. With last minute revision and exam preparations, there's not much time to think of anything else. But there's still a lot of enterprising things to be done!

Here are five ways to be enterprising this exam season...

5. Be enterprising with your revision.

Don't just sit and try to memorize your material. Try to find creative ways to learn your course material. Have quizzes with your friends, make flash cards or sit outdoors with your notes! Make fun and creative ways to make revision more interesting!

4. Being prepared and ready to take on anything. 

Just by being prepared for your exams and ready to answer any answer any question that comes up, you are showing a great enterprising attitude!

3. Be brave enough to challenge convention.

While writing your answers for your exams, don't hesitate to think outside the box and give wonderfully different answers! Remember, it shows individual initiative and assimilation, so you'll definitely get a good mark for it. But make sure its relevant to the question!

2. Don't be afraid of failure.

That doesn't mean go into an exam without preparation! It means don't stress and be nervous when you're waiting for your exam to start. When you've done the work, there is no way you are going to fail. So why be afraid of it?!

1. Be confident.  Have a 'I can' attitude.

To be enterprising is to be ready to face anything!

All the very best!

Lakshmipriya Venkatesan
Student PR team

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