Monday, 13 February 2017

Teacher Feature: Professor Alice Roberts talks about 'The Science of Storytelling'

The PR Team had the rare opportunity to listen to a lecture given by Professor Alice Roberts on 'The Science of Storytelling' and how it can boost our enterprising capabilities!

Being a doctor, a painter, a lecturer, the professor of Public Engagement in science at the University of Birmingham - a self-proclaimed 'half academic, half freelancer', the author of seven famous books, a broadcaster presenting several hit BBC shows like 'The Incredible Human Journey' - Prof. Alice Roberts has done it all! Her unassuming air and enthusiastic approach to everything makes her always ready to try out new ideas. She has brought together science, art and communication in a unique medley through her work.

Professor Alice Roberts has a very enterprising attitude to life. She thinks critically about everything she comes across and she asks questions about it. Finding the answers to her own questioning is what leads her to different ideas. She believes in asking questions and being curious, for the mark of a scientist is thinking critically.

She shows how to bring enterprise into science. Enterprise can just be included by the names given to genes, such as 'Sonic Hedgehog'.
She believes that we are at University to think critically, not regurgitate. Regurgitation is 'an inferior form of education'. 'GCSEs are 'all about the stuff, all about the learning; not much critical thinking' she says.
We need to 'break out of boxes!'.

Alice Roberts shows how every task in life can be enterprising. All we need to do is think critically, ask questions and be prepared to follow through on them!

"'Passing on these stories - it was a way to communicate" When I listened to her speak, I must admit, I was in awe. I could tell that she reflected on all her experiences, trying to decode what they meant. She delved into her inner feelings and thoughts to learn more, which I think made her more personable and approachable. She clearly has a vision to share her learning and improve our world for the future. Alice certainly had me engaged." Lakshmnipriya, Student PR team
'I don't underestimate the power of storytelling - it's part of what
makes us successful'

And in the famous last words of her lecture: 'It's important not to give up just because it's challenging!'

Pavinder Bhangu and Lakshmipriya Venkatesan
Student PR team

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