Wednesday, 22 February 2017

B-Start up Bootcamp - Where ideas are created!

Winning team 'Ulyssses'!
The B-Start Up Bootcamp was held from 18th to 20th February and it was a grand success! The 71 students who attended had a wonderful time working on their enterprising solutions to solve problems like the increased obesity in Tonga, making a useful resource out of a square mile in the desert and increasing student engagement in universities.
Runners up - 'Just deserts'!

The winner is the team 'Ulysses' who presented their fantastic idea for an app to connect international students to UK universities and vice -versa. The runners up had a great idea to use human waste to fertilize deserts to make it viable crop land and to fight desertification.

The three days of the Bootcamp was full of activity. Students arrived with little idea of what they wanted to create and finished the Bootcamp with credible ideas to pursue. There were amazing speakers from Virgin Money and the University of Birmingham  - with great tips on approaching the projects. 

The weekend began with a 'human bingo' icebreaker exercise and then teams were set their individual challenges. The students were initially given a talk to 'prompt' them into thinking about their challenge. Then it was all hands on deck!

The guest speaker Matt Cleary had a passion for the new app he has developed  since graduating from UoB, called 'Troop'. He gave advice to the students: 

'Make the most of the opportunities available at Birmingham... Surround yourself with people that have a variety of expertise and interests.' 

The final day saw the participants present their ideas very creatively, not just using PowerPoint or prezi but also making use of props and  adding little skits or videos into their presentations. 

The participants were all excited, focused
Team Ulysses pitching their idea, with the help of a video
and prepared. Their insight was remarkable, as was the work they'd put into their project and they executed it all very professionally. They were confident while pitching and made sure to listen to everyone else's enterprising ideas as well.

The judges found it incredibly difficult to choose the winners, as all involved were ready to take on challenges and solve them!

It was a great weekend of creativity, brainstorming, planned execution and lots of enterprising minds!

The Student PR team.

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