Friday, 3 February 2017

We have a B-Enterprising Photo Comp Winner.....

And the B-Enterprising Photo Competition winner is….Stephanie Stevens!

Thank you to all students who have entered the B-Enterprising Photo Competition. The entries we received were great and the PR Team had a tough decision to make. However, after much thought, the winner is…Stephanie Stevens!

Stephanie Stevens is Chair and founder of ‘Beyond My Ethnicity’. After discovering about the bias which exists in the education system, Stephanie used her initiative and set up a magazine aimed at breaking down the walls of institutionalised racism and cultural barriers that exist at University. She even raised money to get her creative idea going and organised multiple enterprising activities to enhance the learning and development of her readers. For example, she organised a Bollywood Movie Night, which allowed students to explore different cultures.

Stephanie’s actions are truly unique: she has engaged with wider stakeholders beyond her peer group, such as barristers, solicitors and alumni. What’s even more amazing is that she is continuing to develop her idea – ‘Beyond My Ethnicity’ is now an official Guild Society! This is an amazing new platform which will pave the way towards creating a spirit of enterprise at the University of Birmingham.

Well done Stephanie!
The winning photo

Pavinder Bhangu
- Student PR Team

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