Friday, 27 January 2017

The top 5 reasons the PR team is enterprising

We, the PR team, are always talking about being enterprising. We publish enterprising stories to inspire and to let the world know that here at Birmingham, we're all about applying our brains to make things happen...make a change. But how do we know are we enterprising?

It's that time of year when you are writing applications and making speculative letters to gain experience or a job. Remember, employers don't just want to hear about your grades, skills and what you have done. They want know YOU as a person. What do your actions say about you? This is where potential employers find out about your attitude and aptitude. Here's 5 top reasons to prove that we are change-makers and that we practice what we preach!
Reason 5 – We are innovative
We are always thinking of new ways to get enterprising stories and new ways to present those stories. We know that each person is enterprising, so we come up with new ways to show people that their work is enterprising!

Reason 4 – We are creative
We think out of the box and we’re full of ideas! If there’s a problem, we know there is a creative solution. So we make lovely, colorful spider diagrams on flip charts and discuss our problem till we find a seemingly outrageous solution that actually works! 

Reason 3 – We’re always learning from our mistakes
Mistakes happen. We make sure to learn from ours. The B-Enterprising Photo Competition hasn't attracted much interest yet, despite the winning of 50 pounds worth Love to Shop vouchers.While it's disappointing, the learning is helping us devise a more influential blog competition to attract new writers, which we're running in Feb. So, we reflect, make a new plan, re-evaluate and jump into action!

Reason 2 – We work out our ideas
We know that having ideas is the easy part. Working on them is difficult. We had the idea of getting curriculum stories last year and are now trying to build better connections with staff to help us prove to the world that University of Birmingham students are enterprising through their studies as well as outside of their course. 

And the top reason we are enterprising:

Reason 1 - We are making a change.
We are slowly but surely building UoB into an enterprising community with creative and innovative students make a powerful impact on the society, wherever they go! How do we know? Read the blogs. Even better, describe how you/a team have made something happen and what triggered the action? Have it published here and use it when you apply for work opportunities.

Share your story! Tell us how you are being enterprising..
So there you have it! The PR team loves being enterprising! And we would love to hear how you are too!
Show us what you've done via a photo and caption B-Enterprisingphoto competition today.

Even better, tell us your story and use it to inform other students and of course, recruiters!

Our email addresses are in the about section.

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