Monday, 14 November 2016

'DON'T be afraid to fail' says Graduate Saket Gautam

Saket Gautham with Alison Sharp,
the Assistant Director of Innovation
here at Birmingham
"If I could make money on ideas, I'd be a millionaire by now! You've got to work on the ideas and make them happen."  Saket Gautham.

Saket Gautam is an enterprising example of how not to be frightened of new situations and to take opportunities as they come!
He did his undergraduate degree in Hotel Management and afterwards was employed at Xander, New Delhi (India) in the Investors team (which had little relevance to his degree). He made it an experience of a lifetime, building connections then began his MBA at UoB  - with the goal of being self-employed thereafter.

Saket finished his MBA from thew University of Birmingham two years ago. Now, he is the successful owner of three businesses. He is the founder of I Windows Ltd., Intuitive Technologies Limited T/A Local London Contractors. The first thing that strikes me about him is his spontaneity.

He always knew that he wanted to work for himself. So, after graduating from Birmingham, (having received his Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa, endorsed by the University of Birmingham), he founded Mr Banana in London, a tech company for helping people get quality cleaners and plumbers.
Saket going over his story -  from a student with ideas 
to  a successful entrepreneur.

But when his company did not make enough profit, he had to make the decision. Carry on and become broke  - or shut it down and create a new opportunity. He identified a new opportunity that came his way - cleaning for major clients.
"In any business, cash flow is king. Also, link your employee incentives to the company incentives. So as the company grows, they also grow. And everyone is happy."
His ability to adapt and be daring, taking calculating risks and rise to the occasion has made him the successful entrepreneur he is now. After his business stabilized, he started two more new companies. For, as he says,"I always want to do more when the right opportunity comes along."

What advice can he give us students?

His advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to 'keep it simple  and just do it! Business is all about seizing opportunities. If you get one, take it first and figure out how to go about it later. Also, it has to be profitable and make sure to keep the fixed costs minimum. Build contacts, be confident, trust yourself and above all, make other people trust you."

He advises to use your time well at university, conversing with people from different cultures and nationalities.
"Business is about the people. It is a transaction between people."
I learnt from Saket to be brave and daring, to seize all the chances I am offered and as he says,'take the plunge!'

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