Friday, 4 November 2016

Ambitious Entrepreneurs and we are throwing in some cake (...not by the ocean)

I am going to be as honest as I can possibly be here.  My name is Bob Lee and I have been given the task of promoting a speaker event called Ambitious Entrepreneurs which is taking place on November 16th between 1pm-3pm to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week.  If you are thinking this sounds like a lot of detail already and a ploy to get more people to go to the event then I will level with you, it is! 

            Joycelyn Mate (left)                               Matt Kepple                             Andrew Ward

OK... 3 entrepreneurs coming back to talk about their experience....that's aimed at people who want to start their own business right?  Well no, not necessarily.  The skills, the success, the experiences faced by those coming to speak will inspire you - whatever your career aspirations and whatever you plan to do after uni this will open your eyes to what is possible.  I would go as far to say attending an event like this would have helped me before leaving university - as it was I was actually quite ill prepared and my perception and reality were two very different things.

Perception = I would get a 2.1 degree and have to fend off lots of graduate role offers.
Reality = I got a 2.1 degree and ended up working in a metal factory working morning and night shifts just to earn money

Enough about me, what about the speakers I hear you ask?  Our special guests are former Chemistry student Matt Kepple, creator of Makerble who works closely with charities to give them more visibility; Andrew Ward - mobile app and web based platform creator of Scorchsoft and Joycelyn Mate who had an idea for a unique hair care product with her friend Rachael Corson at Uni and followed it through by working on it full time. Did I mention all three were former UoB students?

Look around you and see how many people around you will have a degree when you finish.  What sets you apart from them and what will your CV say that makes you stand out.  In short, its the do-ers of this world that leave an impression and entrepreneurs certainly tick all the boxes for people who go out there and make things happen.

Book on to this event, be inspired and create your own future to help you hit the ground running when you complete your degree. Preparation is everything, I found that out the hard way.

If you would like to be inspired and have a chance to speak to our guests over cake at the end of the speaker session then find out more now.

Bob Lee

Bob Lee, Operations Officer, Careers Network

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