Thursday, 6 October 2016

What's your Buzz quiz animal?

Ever wonder which animal represents your enterprising spirit? B-Enterprising brings the answer to you!

The PR Team, along with members of the B-Enterprising team, was at the Kick Start Your Career event on Wednesday, the 5th of October, at the Great Hall in Aston Webb. A brilliant quiz from '' showed you your personal qualities and presented you as animal.


Find out your 'Career Animal here and take the i.could Buzz Test

This short quiz, called the 'Buzz Quiz', described your CHARACTER. The descriptive words used were aligned to enterprising qualities, proving that you are enterprising! You may be creative like a seal, determined like a tiger or a natural planner like a barn owl!

The quiz gained a lot of attention at the B-Enterprising stand and interested many people at the event. Those taking the quiz felt that the descriptions were pretty accurate and gave them some inspiration to do something with their identified STRENGTHS.

"It really was interesting. I found out more about myself, and now I'm thinking of how to better myself."

So have a go! It only takes 3 mins of your time.

Evaluate your character and think about how you can develop yourself while at University, doing something worthwhile to build your experiences.

Student Sophie Gray: Polar Bear and winner of our #uobcareeranimal hashtag competition!

Student PR Team. 

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