Tuesday, 25 October 2016

UoB WISE-Enactus Unilever Networking Workshop

On Friday October 21st, WISE and Enactus ran a Unilever networking session to give students an insight into the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods industry.

The event began with several current Unilever employees, either undertaking their graduate schemes or industrial placements, detailing their specific roles within the company. They then gave a brief introduction into the busin
'Tell a Business Story'
ess model adopted at Unilever.

The students then participated in a group activity in which they had to ‘Tell a Business Story’. This was to help improve their communication and team work skills within the workplace. For example, it may be useful when having a discussion with a manager, or
The winning team!
when giving presentations. This activity began with key information on the components of a good business story. Then, they split into groups to tackle the scenario they were given. There was then a prize for the team which presented the best story, followed by constructive feedback. The networking event ended with an overview of opportunities available to students at Unilever, with some time allotted for questions. 

Lucy Barnes
Lucy Barnes, a University of Birmingham Geography student, is currently undertaking an industrial placement with Unilever.  She played a key role in organising the event. She chose to organise this event because Unilever seeks to target University of Birmingham students in order to get them fascinated in Unilever. Also, from a student perspective and from having worked with Enactus, Lucy understands how difficult it to find a job. So, she thought it’s a great way for students to form key links with Unilever. Lucy hopes students will have gained a more well-rounded knowledge into Unilever because of the networking skills they will have developed from the event.  

‘…everyone was so enthusiastic that the event overran by over half an hour!’

Workshop attendees
I also spoke with Helena Dodd, president of WISE, who also helped to organise this important event. Last summer she completed a 12-week placement with Unilever and she was given the freedom to organize a one-off event of her choosing. As a result, she decided to reach out to the Enactus Society, as Unilever are heavily involved with Enactus worldwide and she thought it would be nice for WISE and Enactus to work together as well. Having an event run by current graduates made the event more relaxed, approachable and it was a good way to introduce potential applicants to a Unilever assessment centre. She hopes that anyone attending and considering applying for a job at Unilever left the event knowing more about the company and feeling better prepared for the upcoming application process. The next event being organised by Helena and WISE is an employability workshop.

Pavinder Bhangu
-PR Team

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