Monday, 17 October 2016

Top Qualities Recruiters Look for in their Graduates

A new term of University brings new opportunities for students. For final year students, trying to identify what their next progression will be after University can be a daunting concept. The Autumn Careers Fair here at Birmingham brought together some of the top graduate employers in the country. We went along to identify the top qualities they look for when recruiting graduates.

'What top quality do you look for when recruiting?'


A number of our employers highlighted enthusiasm as a top quality they look for when wanting to recruit students. MSD, Kier, M&C SAATCHI and Danone all wanted to see students with genuine enthusiasm for the company and the area they will be working in. Danone also focused on the importance of versatility so their employees can adapt and respond to tasks given to them.


Mondelez, BMW and Bae Systems all presented 'passion' as the top quality they look for. Do your research! Make sure you know about the employer and the reason you want to work for them as apposed to another similar company. This passion will shine through in an interview situation. Bae Systems also wanted to see people who were able to problem solve and use their initiative when they are faced with a situation that may be new to them.


Luckily for us, the use of the word 'agile' by Thames Water here doesn't mean they expect us to have the agility swim across their water. Instead, they look for employees who are adaptable with ability to chop and change between different tasks.


The Sanctuary Group want their future employees to have an awareness of the commercial work environment. Again, this highlights the importance of doing your research and finding out what is current and prevalent for the company you are applying too.


Lastly but still of absolute importance, Fujitsu want their graduates to be ambitious. A graduate job is just the beginning. They want to see your ambition to change, implement and create, with a focus beyond simply getting the initial job.

We hope you enjoyed seeing some of the top qualities that employers seek in their graduates. If any of you are in the process of applying for jobs next year, good luck...

And don't forget to be agile(!). 

Student PR team. 

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