Monday, 24 October 2016

How Can I Stand Out in an Interview Setting?

Following on from last week's blog post, this week we attended the SET careers fair and asked employers how students could stand out in an interview situation. Here are some of the things they said to the question:

'Can you briefly tell us how students can stand out at interview?'

Describe what you're passionate about and have knowledge of the specific organisation. 

This is a point that a number of our employers emphasised. TFL, CGG, Nucleargraduates, the Royal Air Force and pwc all wanted to know why you want to work for their organisation specifically. This means doing your research, revealing your interests/what you enjoy and having knowledge not only of the overall industry, but awareness of what's current in their organisation.

Demonstrate good communication skills.

A number of our employers including BWBCareers, Caterpillar and Reddie&Grose emphasised how vital it is that students have good communication skills, and this carries them through interviews. If you prepare well, you'll be able to communicate your point professionally and accurately, further emphasising the point that preparation is vital! They also mentioned that an interest to learn and implement, and being well presented were also key ways students could stand out.

Knowledge of the basics.

Seems obvious right? But DCA told us not to forget the simple things! The overall aims and priorities of the organisation are a good place to start.

Honesty and Transparency.

GSK told us that being honest in an interview environment is essential. Don't exaggerate facts. Employers have done multiple interviews before and can see when the truth is being twisted.

Show Initiative.

Ineco told us that initiative is a great quality that shines through during an interview situation. Enterprising students show initiative to take on new challenges and create their own opportunities. Describe a situation where you're fresh thinking has created an opportunity that you may not have been subject to otherwise.

Show Personality.

And don't forget, show your personality! Recruiters are human and at the end of the day. They want to be working with people who will fit well within their team - and you also want to be able to work within an organisation that fits your values.

Student PR team. 

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