Monday, 6 June 2016

What is an Intrapreneur?

Ian Mason from Virgin StartUp also runs his own business ‘Queue Press', an educational publishing and technology company and is coming to B-Startup launchpad on the 21st June to talk to the participating students. In an interview earlier this year Ian told us about the importance of Intrapreneurship.

Post-graduate employment prospects have become more and more of an issue each year for students in Universities across the country. A degree is not the only thing employers want. An Enterprising skillset and mind-set are now what employers look for in their candidates and being an entrepreneur before you apply for a job later is a way of learning about how a business works and therefore develops your career in another company.
We’ve heard of entrepreneurs before: people that set up a business and learn about the world of business first hand, developing their skills quickly. So what is an intrapreneur? Its someone who has gained experience being an entrepreneur and has used that to obtain a job and develop his or her own career. Companies are looking for candidates with an enterprising mind-set; those who can bring new ideas to the company and those who have initiative to make decisions.

At the B Start-Up Boot Camp, we spoke to Ian Mason who is an Intrapreneur working as the Head of Development for Virgin’s non-profit start-up business programme, Virgin Start-Up. He gave a talk for the participants about Entrepreneurship being useful for your own development and in building your career alongside running a business. He spoke about his experience of using his own enterprising skills to obtain a his job at Virgin, saying, “Because of the knowledge I had gained from being an entrepreneur, this made me fit for the job.” It is clear that graduates nowadays need to have more than just their degree. Its essential to have enterprising skills to prove that you can bring something new to the business and to show that you’ve already learnt what is involved in running a business. By creating a business, Ian Mason learnt quickly about the world of business and developed himself as an entrepreneur.

If you have thought of starting a business, even if it is just in passing you’re your walking through campus up to the point of having a business plan, you will be standing yourself in good stead for a successful career later on. When we asked him if he had advice for anyone thinking of starting up a business, he simply said, “Do it!”

Watch the video below to see what Ian Mason said about being an Intrapreneur:

By Gideon Casey

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