Friday, 10 June 2016

UoB's Hackathon

This week (6-10th June), Computer Science students will be participating in a ‘Hackathon’. ‘ServiceNow’, the Enterprise Cloud Company, will be providing a program to students during this week educating them on this cutting-edge technology. 

The participants will be gaining hands-on experience through guided exercises, training tools and practical labs on ServiceNow. ServiceNow, (an enterprise cloud company) is widely used among different sectors, such as retail sectors, for different online services for their customers. For example, it forms the backbone of online shopping. At the end of the week, students will receive a free voucher to take a test on ServiceNow. If the students pass this test, they will be awarded two coveted and globally-recognized certifications: Certified System Administrator and Certified Application Developer.  

We asked some participants why they chose to get involved:


Rowan chose to participate in this 5-day course because he wanted to learn how to use the ServiceNow platform. This knowledge would be beneficial because there is actually a lack of engineers who can use this platform. So this experience could lead to jobs in the future. The first few days were spent learning how to use the platform; then they began to learn about the work involved in providing an IT service to customers.

Rowan has developed his programming skills and has had to apply his knowledge of the system to the problem-based activities. This Hackathon will be useful for his career aspirations because he will gain a better understanding of what is actually involved in providing an online platform to customers. Also, it will open up careers within ServiceNow to Rowan. This Hackathon has increased Rowan’s confidence to tackle new challenges. 


Kyle chose to participate in the Hackathon because of his keen interest to discover how ServiceNow developed corporations. Through playing three games, he feels he has been able to ‘see the larger processes’ involved in these online platforms. It has also unlocked a potential career opportunity. 
'It has opened up a door to learn. We could go straight into that company, if we do well.’

Shivakumar and Marc- Steevern 

Shivakumar and Marc-Steevern were both teammates. They chose to participate because it was a ‘great opportunity to learn’ and 'an opportunity that couldn't be missed'.  
They both agreed that this was a great way to develop their project team-working skills.  

Thanks to Dr Mark Lee, Lecturer at the University of Birmingham, Computer Science and ServiceNow, this course has given students a real insight into software development and the changing way in which people work. The course usually costs thousands of pounds. To the students, it was free and the learning invaluable. 

Pavinder Bhangu
- PR Team


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