Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The E in Zoe is for Enterprising!

Ever thought about how to juggle enterprise into your normal life? Meet aspiring lawyer Zoe Chan - she is the Secretary of the Gilbert and Sullivan Society, the Vice President of BakeSoc, in the publicity committee of UoB Pro Bono Group and is a part of the Mooting student Committee, a part of CEPLER (the careers for law department), and she has a couple of internships under her belt as well! 

Zoe raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support,
as a part of BakeSoc, during Adopt A Charity Week!

Why so many activities, you ask?
Passion. Zoe loves what she does and wants to keep herself busy. University life is not just about the degree, she feels. By keeping herself engaged and juggling all her activities to fit around her degree, she is constantly sharpening her organisation and time management. Along with always meeting new people, she is surrounded by enterprising people, which motivates her. She has gained friendship and discovered what she truly likes doing. She also thinks that she has been able to understand herself and her capabilities better.   

Zoe has gained different skills from her every role. Her communication, intra personal skills and organisational skills have developed extensively. She is focused, driven, and makes every second count. She is used to going the extra mile and handles stress with a cool head. All this makes her an invaluable employee.  She is confident of being able to manage herself in her workplace and has the self – assurance that she will be able to manage her own business or practice once she has graduated. She has developed herself into a very enterprising person, with an attitude to match!

Zoe on Burn FM!! 
 How does everything fit into her schedule? 
It is rather hectic and busy, but she loves it. She pushes herself to do work and stay motivated. But it not all work and no play. She allows herself downtime to relax and rejuvenate as well.
“So much work means I don’t have time to waste. I cannot procrastinate and I cannot lose my focus. I just keep working! But Friday afternoons are mine and I do not let any work come into it! I’ve understood the importance of just chilling for a bit.”
What does enterprise mean to you?
Zoe feels that the core of being enterprising is being deeply passionate about what you do. A common thing with all the enterprising people I know is that they don’t just focus of activities related to their degree.  
“A lot of people trap themselves within the boundaries of their degree. As a new generation of people, we have so many more opportunities so why just restrict yourself to one character when you can be so many more?”
Enterprise is not just about gaining skills and piling yourself with work to develop a ‘can do’ attitude. Rather it’s about, as Zoe says, “being deeply passionate about what you do” and it’s the passion that drives the desire to succeed! So don’t forget – love to B -Enterprising!

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