Monday, 13 June 2016

My Summer in MDS

My Summer in MDS - Ella's Story:

Many students across the country are currently trying to sort and find internships for the summer to gain new experiences and further their CV's. But it's important to note, gaining an internship won't necessarily put you leaps and bounds above the rest. It's important to use your initiative and create your own opportunities which is exactly what Ella Bracewell will be doing this Summer.

Ella is a second year Medical Science Student. Instead of going down the routes of internships, Ella used her initiative to create an individual summer project. For a period of time once exams are finished, Ella will be going into the labs at the University and will be working as part of a team on 'real-life' scientific research based around chronic intermittent hypoxia. Respiratory sciences have been a particular area of interest for Ella throughout her study and therefore she decided to use this passion and drive for the subject to try something new.

To gain this exciting opportunity, Ella e-mailed the senior lecturers who ran the module and approached them asking if they would have an opportunity available. She met with the academics and was subsequently offered a project.

The importance of Ella doing this, is in the hope it will cement what she wants to do in the future. If she decides she enjoys research, her project will open up a number of opportunities including Masters and PhD's which makes this experience invaluable. 

This opportunity was not advertised on a website or sent to Ella via e-mail, she used her own determination and initiative to gain this unique experience and this is a lesson we should all be learning,

Top Tips 

  • Never be afraid to ask questions, if you think someone could offer you an opportunity, e-mail them and ask. The worst that could happen is that they say 'no'. 
  • When sitting in lectures, if something particularly interests you, go and talk to the lecturer at the end. You never know what opportunities might come about from it and this enterprising nature will carry you very far in your future career.

Thank you to Ella for sharing your story, we wish you all the best with you upcoming project!

Student PR team 

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