Wednesday, 8 June 2016

James Eder reveals his secrets to success during Working Wonders

Alumni of the year James Eder walked into the lecture theatre and even before introducing himself, asked the audience for a volunteer.  One hand went up and the student in question was immediately invited to the front of the room and given a present, a free book as it happened.  The morale of the story? If you are presented with an opportunity then take it!  Welcome to Secrets to Success, a Working Wonders event designed to inspire students during their academic and graduate career.  

James Eder talked about his success during his career and talked about how he set up his now famous student discount brand, Student Beans.  “Be prepared to hear the word no and when you hear it don’t give up”.  

The audience heard how he spent his time before University working in a call centre selling bingo membership.  The audience were invited to guess how many times he was presented with the word “no” a day. 10? 50? 100? The estimated figure was nearer to 200 a day. 

Michelle Leavesley, Managing Director of City Desk Sport also talked about her successes in Sport, her role in helping with the Great Britain Olympic legacy and how she has also experienced failures.  

After the main talks, students were given the chance to network over cake in the Muirhead foyer before attending a choice of three workshops which ran simultaneously (Consultancy, Opportunities in China, and Freelancing).

If you would like to make your own success whilst studying at the University of Birmingham, why not check out our B-Enterprising website and find how you can make a difference now. 

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