Monday, 30 May 2016

Enter Enterprising Eder

With the exams over (for most of us!), we are all looking to enjoy the last few weeks of term. But a few of us are worried about getting work experience. Head over to the Secret to Success event on June 2nd 2016, a part of the Working Wonders Careers Festival and along with other fantastic careers events, get the chance to meet some eminent enterprising personalities like James Eder, an alumnus from the University of Birmingham.

Find out what James Eder (founder of, FriendlyFriday and The Beans Group) had to say when I met up with him...

The first thing I noticed about James was his overflowing enthusiasm. He lived and loved what he did.

And to him, enterprise was also a way of life.

James Eder is the founder of The Beans Group i.e., and the brain behind the up and coming app Causr, which is all about creating connections. 

He started Student Beans, at 22, just after he had graduated. This website is a goldmine for every student. There’s everything to know about amazing deals, helping us save tons of money!

He is extremely passionate about helping others, and that's his motivation behind all his projects.

  • He doesn’t let failure ever set limits on his ideas. 
  • He makes sure to grab every opportunity that comes his way. 
  • He lives life to the full a
  • He built up lots of experience at University, which have helped him to where he is now.   

His fire, his zest and zeal are contagious.

Don’t believe me? Watch the video for yourself!

Check out the link below for more tips from James Eder. 

Lakshmipriya Venkatesan
Student PR Team

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