Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Enactus Birmingham success: Don't be scared to enter a competition, you might just win it!

Congratulations to Enactus Birmingham who were victorious at the Enactus National competition in London on Tuesday 12th April.  After a night celebrating their success we caught up with Enactus president Chris Brees.

"We were very nervous before going into our 17 minute presentation slot, but quietly confident, knowing we had put the time and effort into preparing every aspect of our time before the judges. After our presentation going smoothly, with each of our four presenters speaking well, and our media controller doing a great job, we took questions from a panel of around twenty judges. As we were in the Rookie League (with it being our first year as an active Enactus team), the judging panel was mainly made up of Enactus Alumni. These people not only now know Enactus inside-out, but also know what it takes for a team to succeed and so knew which questions to ask to ensure we had sustainable, scalable, and impactful team."

"Five minutes of questioning then followed, mainly around our 'Off The Street Food' enterprise, which works to inspire and equip people in addiction recovery through a street food stall which creates quality food products from food which would otherwise be waste. The questions focused on how we would keep our beneficiaries motivated, the logistics of the food stall, and the job opportunities which would follow for our beneficiaries.

We could then breathe a sigh of relief, with our part completed. It was now up to the judges. And incredibly, that evening, in front of over 1000 students, alumni and business leaders, we were named Enactus Rookie League Champions 2016! An incredible moment for everyone involved with Enactus Birmingham this year, and testament to the thousands of volunteer hours which have been poured into our projects.

The whole experience of the Enactus National Competition was incredible; from watching presentations of world-leading enterprise innovation, to networking with global business leaders, to hearing an inspiring talk from Sir Ranulph Fiennes. An amazing few days, with an amazing outcome for us at Enactus Birmingham."

So, join us, and help develop our work; meet new friends. 

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Chris Brees - President, Enactus Birmingham

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