Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Student Mobile App Competition:

B-Enterprising Visits UOB Student Mobile App Competition:

On the 18th of March 2016, B-Enterprising went along to the finals of the Student Mobile App Competition (SMAC), an initiative of the IT Innovation Centre in the IT Services at the University of Birmingham to discover new and engaging app ideas developed by undergraduate and postgraduate students across the University. From Health apps to Politics apps, here's what we found out.

Gwilym Webb, PHD student in Immunology:
Gwilym is a clinician who has taken time out to focus on research. The idea of his app surrounds the topic of liver disease and aims to calculate results based on routine blood tests in order to help clinicians identify those patients with liver disease most likely to get sick and stratify treatment based on this.
William told us it was, 'interesting to look into the design of an app'. He also said the experience has further developed his problem solving skills and he feels he's been able to think through a problem and develop an appropriate approach to solve this. 

Louis, first year Geography student and Lizzie, first year Liberal Arts and Sciences:
Their app is called, 'Politic-all', aiming to bring politics to everyone and engage the general population, no matter what your experience of expertise. Lizzie tells us how many people are put off politics by the 'suites and bartering', however the app aims to strip this back and engage all age groups to understand the basics of politics and the political parties.
Both say they had no prior experience in creating apps and are hugely proud to say they reached the finals and are very thankful for the opportunity to learn and create something new.
They both feel they have gained confidence presenting and would encourage other students to grasp new opportunities while they can as University is one of the best places to do this and you never know what you might get out of it!

Connor Hagan, third year International Relations student:
Connor's app is called 'Plan-it', revolving around time management and a way of creating and seeing events on a news feed in order to organise your time more effectively and make it easier to create plans between friends. 
Connor told us that he has developed presentation skills and networking skills and says the competition has allowed him to realise these presentation is not as daunting as it may first seem.

Nadine Audifferen, second year Law student:
'Law-pal' is an idea set up to meet the problems she herself faces as a law student. It would create a bank of revision notes and case summaries to make it easier for students to find the appropriate materials and thereby increase the quality and efficiency of their revision.
Nadine describes the experience as 'fantastic' and 'really encouraging'. She told us it increased her confidence, and allowed her to realise it's not difficult to bring new ideas to life and she found this very empowering. 

The recurrent theme of these interviews was that students realised it's really not difficult to bring a new idea to life and there is support out there to do this. Every one of the students used their initiative to create a new idea and developed their enterprising activities by doing this. 


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