Friday, 25 March 2016

Enactus Birmingham - through to the nationals!!!

There is some good news coming from our University of Birmingham Enactus society.  Enactus is an international student organisation which promotes entrepreneurship through positive action.

Every year Enactus UK runs a national competition allowing student groups the chance to showcase their ongoing projects, ideas and vision. Enactus Birmingham is a Guild society and their President Chris Brees gave us an update following their success at the regional competition on March 10th.

 "On to the Nationals we go! We pitched our projects and gave information about the growth and sustainability of our society to business leaders from across the West Midlands in a 20 minute presentation at the Enactus regional competition. We were commended on our pitch, received great feedback about the growth of our team and were told that the rapid development of our projects were fantastic for a ‘rookie team’.

 Enactus = Entrepreneurship : Action : Us 

After setting up in January 2015, we set about trying to make a positive change in Birmingham, both in the city and on campus. Over the year, we have grown from a society of 7 students to one of over 40, and have two projects currently in the early stages of implementation, both tackling homelessness in the city.
Our projects -
CASA Youth Lead Birmingham, or CASA for short is a project working with St. Basils Housing Association. St. Basils operates a network of 29 shelters across the West Midlands which house people aged 16-25 who are at risk of homelessness. The project provides workshops for those housed with St Basils, equipping the young people with entrepreneurial skills, and then aids them in setting up, or participating in, local social enterprises.

Off The Street Food is a fledgling social enterprise, aimed at tackling two problems at once. We aim to provide skills and jobs to people in addiction recovery through a street food business, which utilises food waste to produce quality food products. Here we are partnering with local addiction recovery charity The Bridge, and national waste food distribution group FareShare, to provide work experience and training schemes to beneficiaries at The Bridge.

This is an exciting time of expansion for us at Enactus Birmingham, with two projects getting off the ground, and plenty more ideas and projects emerging! 
Nationals is on the 11th and 12th of April in London, and here we will again to present our projects and team growth and sustainability to a panel of business experts. The presentation will be similar to the one given at regionals, but altered taking into account the feedback we were given at that stage.
We're keen to keep this going over the Summer and into the 2016/17 academic year. We always welcome growth and as such please do get in touch with us if you would like to be involved in the future, collaborating with a team that want to make a difference. If you are interested, drop us an email at"

Chris Brees - 
President, Enactus Birmingham

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