Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The ultimate guide to the employers' mind!

Ever wonder what's going on inside the employers' heads when they see you CV or when you show up to an interview? What they are looking for in potential candidates for a post? Here is the answer!

The PR team got the chance to interview employers at the Internships & Work Experience Fair today. We got to know what qualities they look for in students that want to recruit and what would impress them.

And the answer in most cases was - attitude!

Employers look for students with a positive, hands-on approach, who are enthusiastic, diligent, committed and focused. They want to see what you're interested in; what you enjoy to see the passion shine through.


Because if they know what makes you passionate, they want see if that passion can be projected to benefit the organisation with the best possible results. Work experience is an added bonus, but not crucial! They want to see your personality. Meet the real you; understanding what makes you think, behave and act the way you do and why you do it. They want to see if your personality, your values and ethics fit with that of the organisation's, so that your performance is stronger and you enjoy it (and stay).

The one thing most employers expect you to do before an interview? 

Research about their company, discover what they do and how they do it, and how you would contribute, having read their information and what they stand for. That's a sure fire way to impress them!

Develop an enterprising attitude, and show the employers that we are all about that can-do attitude!

Lakshmipriya Venkatesan

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