Monday, 1 February 2016

Enterprise? Isn’t that starting a business? – NO!

Enterprise means “A project or undertaking, especially a bold or complex one”, at least according to the dictionary. The word "business" isn’t far behind when enterprise is concerned. And yet enterprise is not all about business. So what is enterprise? To me, it's a way of life. A life full of creativity, bold ideas and a mindset to make anything happen. And it's especially important for us as university students.

Why should we be enterprising?

I'd like to think its because we want to make a difference, but right now, the answer is simple - employers. What we do, why we do it and how we benefit others through our efforts appeals to employers. Employers have started focusing on "an enterprising attitude" as an essential criteria for employment. But how can we who this, when enterprise is such a hazy concept?

The truth is we are enterprising students, even if we aren’t really aware of it.

Enterprise is all about the ‘Can Do’ attitude and mindset. In order to be enterprising, all one really needs is creativity, confidence, determination, will power, and of course, patience to focus on seeing through something that we believe is worthwhile. Throw in skills like communication, leadership, management, organisation, negotiation and teamwork to the mix and you‘ve got the perfect employable candidate. Someone who has daring ideas, and is not afraid to work hard to bring it to fruition and achieve success. And is willing to keep persevering patiently till accomplishing the goal. Most importantly, not letting failure define ideas.

As students, we are all about enterprise. Setting up and running societies and events, volunteering, gaining work experience and excelling at internships, completing projects with flying colours – Everything is an enterprise. We make use of all our skills to attain success and develop our character and attitude while we are at it.

Check out this video that says what students think 'being enterprising’ means.

So employers – Look out! We are enthusiastic enterprising Birmingham students, bursting with amazing ideas and the desire to prove to the world what we can do!

B – Enterprising!

Lakshmipriya Venkatesan

Student PR Team @University of Birmingham

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