Monday, 11 January 2016

Birmingham - top start-up city outside London

News just in from Birmingham is the leading city outside London to start a business. So what does this mean to you? Job opportunities in local small businesses where autonomy rules and networks/collaborations to create your own opportunities!! has reported that Birmingham is the most entrepreneurial regional city.
"Birmingham saw 14,152 companies registered during the year, according to figures released by StartUp Britain. The figure dwarfs the next nearest rival, Manchester, which saw 8,712 companies registered. Leeds was in third place among regional cities with 6,926 start-ups."
StartUp Britain Report revealing record breaking
 year in 2014 for UK Entrepreneurship 
Nationally figures are down from last year for many parts of the UK, but Birmingham retains it's title of top leading city outside London, with companies registered remaining high. 

So what further proof do you need to show that self-employment is not scary and is definitely not for the few? It's for anyone who can spot an opportunity that fulfills a need and creates positive change for others, adding real value. And remember, it's got to have people willing to pay for it.

Still unsure? So far, nearly 30% of UK university students are already either running a business or plan to do so while at university, according to recent research commissioned by Santander. An article posted in the Guardian on 6 Jan 2016, backs up why its so beneficial to try it, building enterprising skills, and behaviours such as personal leadership, a global-mind-set, resilience, adaptability and relationship building.

You're not wasting your time - you're investing in your personal development. Even if you decide not to pursue self-employment after graduating, we've proof that employers will snap you up! And, you never know, given the ever-changing job market, with technology predicted to take over many roles, you may find that your experience proves very useful. You'll have a huge advantage over everybody else as you'll be ready for any challenge...

Take a small step, and find out what it takes to start a business - doing business for good! You'll start by solving business challenges over a weekend, during our first ever B Start-Up Boot Camp. Whether you have a business idea or not, it doesn't matter. Its about joining in. This fantastic opportunity with other University of Birmingham students, will give you ideas, motivation and help you identify enterprise skills. And the best of it? You'll learn in the presence of IBM and Virgin guiding you.

  • Saturday 20, Sunday 21, Monday 22 February 2016
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