Monday, 21 December 2015

Intrapreneurship at Microsoft

'Entrepreneurship week celebrates entrepreneurs and reflects on the skills that allows them to be successful. I spent my internship year working at Microsoft and thus I'm not an entrepreneur, however I believed that I operated as an 'intra-preneur'. So as part of week, I delivered a presentation 'Through the 'Windows' at Microsoft'. 

Daniel Oates was a first year Undergraduate student studying Business Management with a Year in Industry, when he was selected to be the recipient of the Enterprise Scholarship. Since then he has been Windows Consumer Marketing Intern at Microsoft

In the talk I talked about what it's like working for a giant technology company, whilst also sharing a few personal experiences about my time in the company and the amazing projects that I worked on.

I also listed my top tips for being an 'intra-preneur':

  1. Have a 'can-do' attitude - you never know what opportunities may arise. I found simply saying yes to as many things that I could manage, not only developed my skills but allowed me to get involved in different projects 
  2. Being inquisitive and asking questions - by showing an interest in people you'll be amazed at how willing people are to go out their way to help you! 
  3. Build connections - Try to network as much as possible! Having a coffee and cake with someone is great for getting your name out there and giving you exposure to different parts of the business!
  4. Take risks and suggest ideas - Don't be afraid to be creative! The business is always looking to improve and any new ideas or insights that you can provide are always going to be invaluable in any business that you work in! 
  5. It's all a learning experience - no-one is the finished product and the only way to learn is to try different things! Lots of things I did over my year didn't go as well as I wanted, however they were all learning experiences and I now know what to do differently next time! 


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