Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Growth Mind-set matters

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Research highlights how much a growth mindset benefits every individual, and that there is strong positive impact on academic performance and well being.

Richard Branson is behind comprehensive research on resilience, grit and empathy at this linked article, Mind over Matter.    

People with growth mindsets are more likely to be enterprising:
  • Less likely to give up, facing challenges
  • Persistent
  • Resilient
  • Learns from criticism.  

The Virgin Strive Challenge 2016 is highlighted in the original article which will be launching in early 2016.

The site comments:

"It's a Big Change event and aims to raise £1.5 million to support early innovative stage projects across the UK, giving young people the tools to develop a Growth Mindset in order to thrive in life".

To get involved, see how a growth mindset is the only way to strive.

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