Wednesday, 14 October 2015

10 reasons to join a student society

Thinking of joining a student group but don't know what to go for, or why?  Here's our top ten reasons:

1. There's something for everyone.

The Guild has over 200 Societies, community volunteering groups and associations, collectively known as student groups. They cover every topic and activity that you can think of... AND if not,
you can create your own group based on your interests!

2. Make friends.

"Its nice to meet people with similar views and opinions who you can work with towards a collective aim... You get to work outside of your University, with wider organisations[building] links."
Student member of the Green Student Committee

3. Do good! 

Lead on something that benefits your local community and its people. You could try volunteering, ENACTUS, AIESEC for example. ENACTUS recently ran a project helping the homeless.

4. Discover something new.

Learn about what you don't know. Be among people with different opinions and experiences, testing your own assumptions and challenge your perceptions. This will enhance your creativity.

RBS Inspiring Enterprise report - support for the UK’s
entrepreneurial talent

5. Develops crucial business acumen & commercial awareness.

"Running a society is like running a small business; the society manages funds, recruits members and holds events"
See RBS Inspiring enterprise, 'The future of identifying enterprising students' 

6. Develops confidence, self-leadership and communication skills.

"I'm a lot more comfortable standing up and presenting to people after doing this.. Before I came to University, I was very shy, so this has definitely brought me out of my shell."
Chair of Battle Re-Enactments Society

7. Adaptability.

Leadership vision - begin with strengths finder
Did you know that trying something new, enhances the survival of brain neurons? Your brain plasticity enables you to be more adaptable and more open to change!

Find out more about adaptability and the ability to cope with change.

8. Keeps you fit.

There's a lot more choice than you think!

9. Enhances your subject specialism. 

You can gain more practical work experience e.g. organising a conference or debate; working with real communities and people, expanding your contacts (local, national and global).

 10. You are more employable!

Did you know that what you do and how you go about making your decisions and choices says more about you as a person and your values? Employers want to know more about you as a person, not just your skills and work experience. What are your interests? 

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