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10 reasons to b-enterprising

    Overcoming obstacles - like pingpong balls? Event 24th Sept 2015 

1. It’s fun

providing you with the freedom to experiment , and it’s fulfilling as the focus is on benefiting others.

2. The UK needs you to be enterprising! 

Cameron tells Britain that it’s “sink or swim; do or decline”
David Cameron, UK Prime Minister commented in 2012 “Unless we act, unless we take difficult decisions, unless we show determination and imagination, Britain may not be in the future what it has been in the past….To get Britain on the rise, we need a whole new economy, more enterprising, more aspirational.”

Enterprise in Health and fitness at PESS2015

3. The world needs you to be enterprising! 

The United Nations has even created a Global Entrepreneurs Council to boost innovation across the world. What can you do?

Daniella talks about her Global Challenge Finance Internship with GSK

4. Steady employment

You are more likely to be in steady employment. Graduates are at a lower risk of being unemployed and are more often in steady employment if they have undertaken enterprise (ideas into action) or entrepreneurship (business start-up) activity while at University. (European Commission 2015)

5. Earn more

You are more likely to secure a higher level job and earn more money. Compared to their peers, those who have undertaken enterprise or start up activity while at University tend to have better jobs and earn more money. (European Commission 2015)

6. Develop your skills

You can easily develop the skills behaviours and attributes through joining one of the 200 student societies at Birmingham. Students who are involved in societies are sought after by employers if they run their society like a small business (i.e. managing funds, recruiting members and holding events).

An intern in the footsteps of Dr Sun Yat-sen,
Chinese revolutionary and leader

7. Employer needs

Employers are now focusing on enterprise behaviours in their recruitment. Typical behaviours include: Customer focus, commercial awareness, flexibility and agility, forward thinking, relationship building. (AGCAS 2015)

8. Business needs

Richard Branson 'Schools need enterprise culture
Being enterprising is seen as a necessity by business. (Small business, Enterprise and Employment act 2015)

Richard Branson 'Schools need enterprise culture

Maninplace provide accommodation for homeless
in Telford & Wrekin

9. For leadership

Creativity (an enterprising skill) has been identified as the most important leadership quality according to an IBM study involving 1500 CEO’s dealing with our increasingly complex world. (An Education System fit for an Entrepreneur - Fifth Report by the All‐Party Parliamentary Group for Micro Businesses, Lombardo, B., J and R. D. J (2011))

Gateway to growthCBI/Pearson education 
and skills survey 2014

10. Businesses rate enterprising aptitude

Businesses put attitude and aptitude before degree subject when selecting potential employees. Businesses are looking first and foremost for graduates with the attitudes and aptitudes that will enable them to be effective in the workplace - nearly nine in ten employers (89%) value these above other factors such as degree subject (68%). (Gateway to Growth: CBI/Pearson Education and skills survey, 2014)

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